10 World’s Spectacular Stair Cases

Stairs are use to climb to some high place. But there are very weird and exceptionally different stair cases that climbing on it is worthwhile. Some stairs are straight, curved, complicated or of has huge number of stairs. In this post you can see various types of stairs present in different parts of the world.

We gather some 10 World’s Spectacular Stair Cases you have to know.

Tiger and Turtle Staircase:

Don’t be amazed by looking at this fantastic staircase. This is not a roller coaster ride but a staircase present at Germany. This staircase looks absolutely unique and magnificent. It has nearly 249 numbers of steps. It is really fun to walk on these stairs and you can view the beautiful sight of Rhine. Tiger and Turtle staircase look awesome at night with LEDs on handrails for the ease of visitors.


Heaven Gate Mountain:

Heaven Gate Mountain is a tremendous trickier climb located in Zhangjiajie, China. It is a staircase that worth climb. Travelers consider it as an adventurous spot and enjoy a lot. Visitors are taken through cable car from the twists and turns along a very narrow mountain. Then visitors have to climb 999 steps to reach to the temple and they can also view massive hole through glass flooring.2

Florli Stairs:

Florli Stairs are located at Norway. It is really thrilling and exciting to walk on these stairs. Flori stairs are open for public. It is very famous trek for outdoor enthusiastic. This stair case has 4,444 steps in it which is world’s longest staircase.3

Potemkin Stairs:

Potemkin stairs has 192 steps and it is an entrance from the sea to the city. It is considered as a symbol of Odessa, Ukraine and it is very commonly known as Boulevard steps and Giant Staircase.4

16th Avenue Tiled Steps

A very beautiful and attractive stair cases located at San Francisco, CA. The works on the tiles are stunning and eye catching. These stairs are made of 2000 tiles, mirror and stained glass. 16th Avenue tiled Steps are public masterpiece found at 16th Avenue and Moraga. It is quite near to Golden Gate Heights.5