10 World’s Best Natural Heritage Sites

Culture plays an important role in the world. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) was responsible to select places that have cultural and natural importance around the globe. It may include forests, monuments, buildings or lakes. Below are 10 world’s best natural heritage sites from all around the world.

Kakadu National Park:

Kakadu National Park is located at Australia and has unique archaeological reserves. Kakadu National Park has a veritable supermarket of wild game, saltwater crocodiles, enormous termite mounds, wetlands waterfowl and wonderful rock formation. This park has cultural touch with oldest Aboriginal rock art in Australia.1

Volcanoes National Park:

Volcanoes National Park is a world’s natural heritage site in Hawaii, United States. This is the world’s most active volcanoes of earth. It has been a sacred place for Hawaii citizens and tourists due to a live view of creation and destruction of volcano on this park.2

East Rennell – Solomon Islands:

It is not a properly organized place for tourists to visit. Reaching to this place is very difficult. There is a large lake on the east of the island and home to the largest diversity of birds at Pacific.3

Gunung Mulu National Park:

Gunung Mulu National Park is a very famous world’s heritage site which is located in northern Sarawak, Malaysia. This park is considered as one of the richest sites in the world for palms. Visitors use a boat to reach this place.4

Everglades National Park:

Everglades National Park has an immense beauty of greenery and swamp. It is very famous for crocodiles and alligators in large quantity that swim menacingly through the reeds. It is the best peaceful place for hovercraft and skimming the murky waters.5

Notre Dame de Paris:

It is historically one of the most famous natural heritage sites. It has beautiful stained glass windows, amazing sculptures and French gothic architecture. It is considered as the city of light and the building is very strong.6

Pyramids of Giza:

The famous heritage site, Pyramid of Giza, is located at Egypt. It is a very complex monument and is the last standing of Seven Wonders of the World. The architecture really fascinates the visitors coming from all around the world.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Vatican City:

Vatican City, Italy is the most religious and stunning city on earth. A wonderful sight inside the walls of the Vatican City is the Apostolic Palace. Apostolic Palace is the home of the pope which has 1000 rooms in it.8

Chichen Itza:

In this building you can imagine being filed with El Dorado’s lost gold. It is located in Yucatan, Mexico. It is a tangible testament to cultural integration. This building harnesses two distinct architectural styles.9


A very symbolically famous heritage site of England is Stonehenge. Its origin is quite suspicious. As some people believe that it was constructed by witches for worship or some believes that alien’s visitors left it behind. It stands as testament to British. Its architecture is circular in shape. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA