27 World War Facts, Everyone Should Know About

Facts from world war is full of endless stories. World War II is considered as one of the dreadful and terrible war of history. Its causalities and losses are unforgettable in the pages of history. But that war end up with no official means. Very amazingly a peace treaty between Russia and Japan has never been signed but still it came to an end. The youngest U.S serviceman was so patriotic that he entered in Navy by hiding his real age just to get permission before time. It causes lot of miseries and finally cost a lot because of several deaths and serious injuries. Military was highly affected by the Spanish flu. During World War 1, males and females were divided into two groups of tanks. Men were given the responsibility of cannons while women had heavy machine guns. During this war dogs were used as a messenger as capsule was attached to it. Well another purpose of dogs at war was to lay down telegraph wires as well. After the great war William Hitler changed his name who was a nephew of a very famous president Adolf Hitler. Very painful genetic experiments were carried on 3000 twins of Romany and Jewish children by Dr. Josef Mengele. This horrible experiment resulted in lot of losses of life and hence it was successful for 200 twins only. During the war blood transfusion was the only best medical aid that survived the soldiers of the war at that time. Nazi party in 1928 lost elections so badly that it was voted less than 3%. The difference was very wide and very easy to take decision.

Some success and failure stories have incredible moments that are unforgettable. Their efforts were outstanding during that period as they didn’t care about their lives and do not give a second thought to their family which would be left behind them. They go through very unbelievable experiences which causes goose bumps to a listener. The generations after generation suffers and so these wounds can’t be filled forever.

World War Facts, Everyone Should Know About

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 Almost 80% of the males born in

the Soviet Union in 1923 did 

not survive World War II.

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“Little Willie” was the first 

prototype tank in WW1.

Built in 1951, it carried a

crew of three and could 

travel as fast as 3 mph.

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Russia and Japan have never

signed an official peace treaty

with each other to end World

War II.

World War Fact

Calvin Graham was the youngest 

U.S. serviceman, he lied about

his age and enlisted in the Navy

at age 12 in 1942.

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In 1942, American radio DJs were

prohibited from taking listener

requests. The government feared

that enemy spies would embed

secret messages.