9 World Records for kids to Break

Children are the future, they are cute and they are smart, we all know this but did we know that they have also set some world records?

Here are some World Records for kids to Break:

Most worn underpants – record by Jack Singer: He is ten years old and is a fourth grade student from Warwick NY USA and he wore above 200 pairs of underwear on his birthday to create this record. He managed to wear 215 pairs in 18 minutes. At one point he had to lie down to do this as his legs had started to go numb. Not only is Jack ambitious but he is also conscious socially as he asked his friends to donate what they would spend on birthday gifts to a charity.
1-record by Jack Singer

Most number of kids cooking at the same time: This was done by a group of kids for UK school kids for Belling.  100 school children cooked a vegetable pizza from scratch simultaneously. The even was arranged by Cooker Company Belling Along With Liz McClarnon.
2-Most number of kids cooking at the same time

Record of being the best 10-Year-Old Basketball Player: This was done by Jaylin Fleming who studies 5th grade at Beasley Academic center based at Chicago. He was coached by his father. He is garnering the attention of colleges already along with expert basketball coaches.
3-Jaylin Fleming

Being the youngest drum corps queen: This record has been set by 7 year old Julia Lira from Rio De Janeiro. She led the Viradouro Samba parade during the carnival at Rio de Janeiro. She looked adorable in the sequined halter top combined with the purple feathered mini skirt.
4-ear old Julia Lira from Rio De Janeiro

Singing live the longest at concert by a child:  This record was set by Andra Gogan who is 11 years old. She sang for a total of 200 minutes belting out 55 songs. She sings and dances and also is being trained to play the piano, the guitar and on the canto. Belonging to Romania she makes her family and friends proud with her performance.
5-Andra Gogan

Biggest model of Noah’s ark of LEGO pieces: This record has been established by 150 school kids at Harvest Bible Chapel’s High 5 day in the summer. This Noah’s ark has five color rainbow on top and is surrounded by words for Genesis 6:8.
6-Biggest model of Noah’s ark of LEGO pieces

Longest line of coins: This record was set by 2000 students and their 200 chaperones at Fontana, CA, USA. They had to spend almost 6.5 hours to make a chain of pennies that was 65 mile long. This was done in race track. Think Together students used about 5491200 pennies to make this.
7-Longest line of coins

Youngest male radio presenter: This record was set by Jack Hill from Weston-super-Mare. This eight year old has his medicineconvention.com own show and is quite popular. This offer came to him after his performance as DJ at a summer festival was noticed.
8- Jack Hill from Weston-super-Mare

Longest Backwards Limbo: This was set by 11 years old Kaitlyn Conner, from BLUE SPRINGS, MO, USA. She can roller skate under as many as 23 limbo bars that were spread across more than twelve feet. She has been roller skating since the age of 3 and has been good at doing splits from the time she was 4.
9- Kaitlyn Conner

Quickest human calculator: This was set by Chen Ranran from China. She has set the new record for doing mental arithmetic. She is known at the University where she is studying for her ability to calculate. She set the record by doing very complicated calculations of 15 digit numbers. She is known to demonstrate her special abilities in many TV shows.
10-Chen Ranran