When I Went Wrong (25 Gifs To Make You Laugh )

Capturing happy moments is nice to be gathered. But when something Went Wrong to our desire it ruins the whole situation. Unfavorable conditions in our life leads to lot of trouble and disaster. A man showing his talent to drive his heavy vehicle on a ramp but unfortunately hits a car due to wrong estimation. An over smart baby on a rolling wooden cart become so excited that she fails to control herself and fallen down. A worst accident in which a person giving support to a person hanging upside down and at last losses his own balance. Free fall is an exciting game but very risky at the same time. Sometimes fate is not with us and leads to serious causality. Fast moving train hits a car on its way and smashed it completely. A man in a hurry slipped just on the track of a train and it comes under it. When some things Went Wrong these kind of incidents happen in seconds. A car had an accident and its owners were worried about that. At once a truck has a break fail and hit the accidental car, so people rushes quickly to save their lives. An aggressive tiger runs towards a person and hunts him very cleverly. A man makes his best effort to break an ice berg and get so involved that he stands on it and start jumping on it as a result he falls along with a big ice berg. Performing a talent in front of thousands of people embarrasses a person if it goes incorrect. A person tries to look cool and show aerobatics on stairs but alas nothing went well. A difficult task is to make an own air plane and he dream that it flies perfectly. Air plane make its flight but returned to the same place and crashed.

The most common accidents are due to unsteadiness and imbalance. Some occurrences are dangerous to life. Complicated stunts are unsafe but our strength of character and guts gives us immense power and boost up our energy. Self control is very necessary otherwise everything can be gone absolutely wrong and uncontrollable.

We gather some gifs to make you laugh when some thing Went Wrong