25 So Cool Gifs we Have Seen So Far This Year

This year very interesting and awesome GIFs are seen. Some events, comic characters, animals act, nature, slow motion or human activities are covered in these GIFs. Soft toys are nice to play but huge one is difficult to handle and taking measurement is at times nearly impossible. Making cartoon creatures on hands or legs are seen in olden days as well but make it animated is cool for the viewers. Short animated films with childish stories are quite fascinating for kids and comic lovers. There is a nice clip that shows how mega factories work with huge machinery. The mechanism is simple as it gives the look of human hand which is perfectly efficient and speedy. Weird but funny acts of animals are also captured beautifully. A humorous fight of a horse with a bucket is an awesome video. Its efforts are absolutely incredible but definitely of no use. Cats enjoy being pampered and their reaction can be seen that shows they deserve it .A zoomed view of a lady bird brings us near to nature. A waterfall through mountains also beautifies the picture of nature which attracts nature lovers. One of the GIF is very attention-grabbing to watch, in which a person shows his proficiency at exactly right moment by passing cycle in a race. Although he is so rapid that it is done in a wink of an eye and difficult to understand in first go. A simple and easiest solution to cut a wood is to shoot at the middle and see the outcome.

Some many funny incidents are well captured that are remarkable to watch. Back ground should be given importance while watching a clip; it may change a serious GIF to a comical one. Humans are strange at times and so busy with their weird activity that they even forget the presence of public around them. Slow motion completely changes our vision to certain motion videos. These are only the Gifs which are publicized but many of the happenings are hidden and yet very exciting to watch.

Following are the 25 so cool Gifs we have seen so far this year