26 Outstanding Facts Of Nature To Know About

Nature has some very amazing secrets hidden in it. There are many facts related to nature which are not revealed to a lay man. These information can increase your knowledge and helpful for future. Lobster is usually seen in red color but it is shocking to see it in blue. It can also change its color when exposed to oxygen. Lemons are added in a food to introduce sour taste but small yellow colored lemon is extremely rich in sugar. Rafflesia Arnoldie is a flower which is very weird in appearance, is the largest flower on this planet. Human’s DNA resembles chimpanzee by 98.4% of its DNA. Atlantic Ocean, the world’s second largest ocean, has less kinds of fishes as compared to Amazon River at Brazil. It is quite astonishing to know that “Red planet” is of butterscotch or tan in color according to NASA. This planet is not actually red in color as per its name. Pearl is a precious gem and we have usually seen it in a small size on our jewelry items only. The largest pearl ever found is of 620 carat which is very huge. It is interesting to know that water has more density than the planet Saturn. Steel is an excellent medium to travel sound as compared to air. Trees are the biggest requirement to create a pollution free environment. Trees and plants help to reduce pollution from earth. In olden days vinegar was considered as the strongest and powerful acid. Egg is very rich in all Vitamins and is very healthy too. But it lacks in Vitamin C only. In pregnancy a woman should be diet conscious. Pineapple is very dangerous during this period and can cause abortion. Coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma. It is informative to know that an iceberg has more heat than a match.
In this post you will find very informative and knowledgeable facts. These facts and figures are hard to find in your syllabus but have lot of useful truths. The data collected here is very interesting and unique too for a reader. These are the precious treasure of facts of nature.

Nature Facts (1)

85% of plant life is found in the

ocean and every General

science teacher have been

teaching the students that the

Amazon forest has the

maximum amount of vegetation.

Nature Facts (2)

Oxygen can also turn a lobster’s

colorless blood to blue when

exposed to oxygen.

Nature Facts (3)

The small yellow colored lemons

are known to contain more

sugar than strawberries.

Nature Facts (4)The largest individual flower on

Earth from a plant called

Rafflesia arnoldii.