Nailed it. …No, seriously, NAILED IT (25 Pics)

Nailed it! is a slang which is very commonly used to show the perfection of your job. Faultless performance can be said as you nailed the job. Doing our work perfectly is every ones dream but the fact is that we at times miss our goal and over confidence makes us funny in front of viewers. Kids try their best to do work on their own but that brings trouble to parents. Eating food from a plate by a spoon is a toughest job for kids as they fail to do it rightly. A performer showing his antics is so involved and concentrating so much on his jumps that he forgets the end point and hit himself badly. Audience claps more loudly on this then on perfect performance. Some bicycle experts show their talent on foot path by riding it on stairs or roads. Tricks and techniques by bicycle riders are really amazing but sometime due to bad luck or miss precision embarrass them. Using a pole or signal stand as a support deceit sometimes make them awkward. Our expectation is far away from the reality. A picture on a wrapper of ice cream attracts kid so much but their eyes becomes wide as they open it and it’s not at all similar to wrapper. Recreating recipes results in innovation of new product but never the same. Imitating super hero and following their outfit is a craze of young generation even they look idiotic. It’s confusing when we have Parking board at one side and No Parking board at another side having a small distance so a driver should be intelligent enough to park a vehicle between these boards. These are some of the best funny pictures in the world.

Doing a dangerous stunt, in which a stunt man balances himself between two trucks in a speed, is really risky but while copying, a person satisfies just by balancing himself between two stationary cars. A very famous phrase is “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence”. Copying a cartoon character, a hero or any portrait perfectly simply means you nailed it!


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