30 Most Shared Animals Pictures From Last Year

Animals have made their special places in our hearts from their cute tricks. These 30 images are the most shared animal’s pictures from last year. This amazing collection will surely make you stunned and you will exclaim wow what a picture. The micro photography of a miniature crab on a tiny shell will surely raise your eye brows. This picture reflects the astonishing beauty of nature. The small creatures that we don’t notice at times looks so stunning when captured with great skills. This picture is an example of such brilliant photography. Tigers are the most favorite animals of photographers. The amazing picture of a tiger with its cub is a very wonderful image. This stunning picture become so much famous that it has very easily marked its place among the 30 most shared animal’s pictures of last year. The list also includes a terrifying and scary image of a crocodile. That is sailing in the water. Its bloodcurdling look with red eyes has horrified many people and they make it one of the most shared pictures of last year. You scroll down the page and suddenly a picture of a yelling tiger comes in front of your eyes. A scream from your mouth is guaranteed. It’s a prodigious sight that can shake even the most valiant person. A flying peacock with all its colorful feathers open is an astonishing view. This picture is a very extraordinary click. That is why the marvelous picture of this beautiful peacock has been shared many times last year. Snakes are extraordinary hunters. The sight of snake starring at you with mouth wide open is simply amazing. But the thrilling picture of snake swallowing a fish is very scary and will make you chew your fingers in astonishment.

This wonderful collection of unique animal pictures is very amazing. These superbly photographed animals have become very popular. And in no time these master pieces have stolen the hearts of many people last year. Due to which these stunning pictures became so much famous that they are marked as the most shared pictures of last year.

1. Not normally struck by animal pics but this one is great. 2. That face. 3. Glowing eyes of an alligator at dusk. 4. A three-month-old Sumatran tiger cub named Bandar reacts after being dunked in the tiger exhibit moat for a swimming test at the National Zoo in Washington, 5. A rare image of a flying peacock. 6. A rare Rhinoceros Iguana 7. Spotted Dog from Kalimpong (Canis lupus familiaris). 8. Baby giraffe.