27 Interesting Facts About Your Body

Computer was invented to store large amount of data and for fast processing but still the significance of a brain is much more. We prefer to work in the day time as we believe that our brain is fresher at this time. But science has proved that brain works more brilliantly at night than during day time. An incredible fact about brain is that, at teen age the shape of a brain varies. Another interesting facts about brain is that is cannot feel pain. A very important fact is that tooth can’t heal itself while the other body parts can. So we should better take care of it as it can’t be cured again. Our digestive system takes 12 hours for proper digestion. Internal parts of the body are so intelligently fitted that our left lung is kept smaller to adjust the heart as compared to the lung at right. From health point of view smile is healthier as it takes less muscle than weeping. While taking a single step we are unaware of these interesting facts that it uses 200 muscles for it. Tongue seems to be a very soft part of the body but it is quite unbelievable that our tongue has the strongest muscle. According to a research nightmares are more expected to be seen in a cold place. In order to avoid nightmares it is recommended to sleep in a warm room. All infant babies can only see black and white color as they are color blind at birth but as they grow up, they are able to see different colors as well.

After going through some mind bowing human body facts now it is our duty to take proper care of each and every part of our body. Though human body doesn’t appear complicated from outside but each part of the body plays a vital role. The importance of each and every part can be realized when a single part of a body is affected. We should pray that God keeps our body parts functional and away from all diseases.

Interesting Facts About Your Body

Body facts (1)

The brain is more active at night

than during the day.

Body facts (1)

A sneeze can exit your nose at

166 km/h.

Body facts (25)

Women suffer four times as many

headaches as men, which is

thought to be due to 

fluctuations in hormones.

Body facts (24)

The tooth is the only body part

that can’t heal itself.