I had to Improvise (20 Cool Solutions Applied)

Every person had to improvise in fact a person can be an expert improviser if he practices daily. Without theses inventions our life would be miserable and it would be very difficult for us to cope up with this fast running world. Sometime improvisation takes lot of time and effort but still leads to nothing very constructive. It also happens that we do not set any goal and have no such intentions but just to solve a mystery behind a case, all of sudden we improvise a thing which is very valuable. The Funniest part is that for a moment we are also stunned and then realize that we are unaware of our abilities. Some bizarre and weird innovations lead to a new style in fashion world. Cutting of jeans into shorts and then further cuttings to a smiley face attracts new generation as a modern look. The requirement of cutlery at work place is no more as paper pins are enough to fulfill the need of it. And as far as plate and glass is concerned now no need to worry about that also, use hard paper as a bowl for porridge and chips box as your drinking glass. Craziest innovations that came across are a use of key as a cigarette holder and another one is a use of bar bottles as candle stand. A person thinking of some invention that can control pets by remote control clearly indicates that he is suffering from mania. Musical instruments are very expensive so no need to spend money on them, use a fridge as a drum and tapping of coin on different objects can be use as a piano.

Utilization of garbage things into a practical item is worthwhile. Surprisingly people enjoy looking at such innovations and love to adopt them no matter how idiotic the result may be. Any idea clicked in your mind at exactly right time and right place leads to improvisation. Minor innovations in a machinery item can make a telephone to a computer, a monitor to a TV and many more. Positive innovations are no doubt helpful in our life but some senseless innovations are just for enjoyment and fun. Funny images and photos are very beautifully gathered in this post.

 Following are the 20 Cool Solutions that how Improvise

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