Appreciate the Honesty (25 Picture to Laugh On)

A very famous phrase “Honesty is the best policy”. Honesty helps you protect from any further consequences. It is easy to say this but following it sincerely is very difficult. In restaurants it’s quite astonishing to see a clear notification of low standard or a waiter says boldly about its poor performance. Well it’s difficult to digest that people are so faithful to their work that they write truth on their publicity boards with all the weaknesses mentioned on it, maybe they are very smart to fool the customers. Beggars are clever enough to attract public through carrying boards. They write some unique wordings that shows the honest reason of begging. One of the amazing poster that u have ever came across is that of hair dresser, who states openly that if their efforts are successful then a client will be beautified otherwise they are left ugly. It is very common to see name or starting letters written on number plate of a car but it is surprising to see “kidnapper” on number plate. It means that sometimes kidnappers and robbers are also honest to police but they are definitely confusing police to divert their attention. Company print warnings on the packets in order to aware us that how much a product is harmful to our health. For example cigarette is injurious to our health or milk chocolate has lot of fats and cholesterol, we should salute such companies for their sincerity and their trust on the items they sell but still we don’t care and buy such items.

Honest person suffers lots of troubles in starting but end up with satisfaction. Showing truthfulness in business is really risky and they should be appreciated for taking such chance. Everyone does not have guts to speak truth and brave enough to face the world. There are People who are straight forward and do not hesitate in declaring a truth no matter how problematic it may be to them in future. These are the people who have the courage to face the world with all their flaws. Their bravery should be appreciated so that cowardice should make them a role model. We  gathered some very funny images and photos about appreciate the Honesty in this post.

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