Funny Pictures With Captions (21 Shots)

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Animals are very funny and naughty by nature. They are always doing hilarious acts and make weird expressions. They look cool with dashing accessories. Animal wants them to be treated like humans. In these photos very interesting captions are written that are really funny and humorous.  Animals look very stylish and smart with fashionable stuff. One of the most amazing pictures is that a person is giving a pose with statue. According to the captions photo is incomplete without a support of a person to the statue. Hedgehog with marshmallows on it looks so cute. They are very nicely stuck and it suits it very well. Horses are very helping even they get into worst trouble. It is a wonderful way of folding multiple sweaters together that forms a face of a dog.  A great job by a shopkeeper and a nice thought too. Dogs are very photogenic and pose very well too. They look quite foolish with tongue out but extremely confident on their appearance. It is a bitter truth that the pitch of a woman always strikes badly on ears. Although they don’t mean to shout loud but their sound goes high by default to which they can’t help it. Homer Simpson is afraid of his death due to misinterpretation of message on the book. He got so disappointed that he finds no way out. It is very ridiculous to use a warm seat of a toilet which is just used by someone else. It is really pathetic and a person feels absolutely disgusting. It is the responsibility of woman to take care of kitchen but man should be little responsible too otherwise they have no right to judge a woman. But they consider this their moral responsibility to pin point woman all the time for their own mental satisfaction.

The captions on each photo have given a new meaning to the pictures. A unique and distinct thought is given to all photos that make the photos really comical. This post is very interesting and contains lot of marvelous pictures that will bring smile to your face. Go through this post and enjoy it.

Following are the 21 funny pictures with captions.

01 cat-becomes-a-ninja

2 cute-puppies

4 dog-looks-good-in-sunglasses

5 feed-me-poop

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