Funny or Spooky? 28 Funniest Video Game Glitches Gifs You Have to See to Believe

Graphics of video games have improved incredible so much from last 2 decades. Initially only kids were fan of video games but now elders take equal interest in it. Very talented and creative people work so fabulous work that amazes the player and they become addict to it. But sometimes the graphics goes wrong and make it funny. Software programmers are after all humans so unpredictable situation in the game do occur. When a game is hanged at different points, legs remain on air, warning turns into a slap, arms rotate 180 degrees, beautiful girls seems to be a vampire and much other interesting glitches are too hilarious to watch. This post is a fabulous collection of funniest video game glitches GIFs that you have never seen before and unbelievable.

Be the ball.

Be the ball.

Come at me bro. Come at me bro.

Damn son, you see that booty! Damn son, you see that booty!

Don’t mind me just passing through. Don't mind me just passing through.

Fancy horse strut. Fancy horse strut.