Funny Gifs of All Time That Will Instantly Make You Happier (25 Gifs)

Comedy Gifs are always very interesting to watch. These clips cover some pranks or activities on humans or animals that has gone erroneous and worst affected them. Some very comical acts in the starting sometimes end up to serious casualty. A kid busy in wearing a romper and at once banged by two crazy dogs. A girl excited to go for a ride on a bike with his father and by mistake starts it, bike slipped so terribly that everyone was shocked. A naughty boy running fast all around accidently slide down the stairs and got hurt. A little boy trying to get closer to a girl but every girl is not foolish so he got pushed very rudely, that’s what he deserve. Boys of any age try their level best to appear cool at any cost just to impress girls. Sometimes while playing with each other we get over excited specially guys who use their full power and forget that the opponent is a girl. A wonderful video clip, in which girl was so energized in her performance but unfortunately she didn’t nail it and so she descends badly. Dog shows its efficiency to catch water which flows down a swimming pool but loses its balance and by chance slipped in it. Cats react promptly if a child hit them. Nice ball shots in a clip, when a man hits a window with a ball bounces back and targets perfectly to a woman then next hit targets him perfectly. Due to carelessness of a worker in super market, customer falls down through basement opening which leads to serious injury.

Very awful incidents are captured in these Gifs that are funny but have gone viral. Usually people are so thrilled that their sense of balance goes nil. This all happens because of people negligence and they don’t give a single thought to any further consequences. Mischievous kids usually go through lot of troubles. Animals got wounded due to their ridiculous activities. People should be cautious because due to someone else mistake the other person suffers a lot.

Funny Gifs of All Time That Will Instantly Make You Happier

funny gifs of all time (Lemon for the first (and last) time)

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