25 All Time Favorite Gifs

It is enjoyable for every person to watch there Favorite GIFs. Some very hilarious happening are captured very beautifully. Baby’s expressions are always adorable and unpredictable. They make unique gestures that are very sweet and cute. Cats are very mischievous and bring themselves into trouble. Cats consider themselves as a family member and poke their nose in everything present in a house. Cats shocking expressions are outstanding as their eyes gets wider and stunned as they can’t believe something. Cats are so innocent that they get so confused simply by a camera that when it comes near to them they unluckily lose their balance. Cats get over excited with the torch light spotting on a wall and move crazily. It is joyous to see a disappointment cat failed to hunt a bird. A pitiable rat gets trapped into a moving fan but very cleverly get out of it. A girl is facing a very frequent incident of our life. Poor girl open a soft drink bottle and it gets out of control. Drink gets over flowed and she is trying to handle it with all her possible efforts but it ended in smoke. A man is taking pleasure in every bite of an ice cream but unfortunately others ruin his happiness and dropped his ice cream. Although it is not at all funny for that man but it is definitely cheerful for a viewer. A thief very ingeniously stole a MacDonald’s deal that everyone just looks each other faces and he disappears quickly. A stupid person tries hard to close a cabin in an air plane with his maximum strength but when he looks around surprisingly a man’s head is inside it. He speedily runs away from there and regret for what he has done. A rapid throw by a fielder to show his efficiency finally give him a big loss of an expensive sunglasses which was in the air.

These entertaining and fascinating GIFs are captured very nicely and they are attention grabbing. After going through these Favorite GIFs applause is necessary and appreciation is its right. Animal’s strange performances are jovial to watch. Sometimes humans act weirder than animals and look foolish.

Following are the 25 All Time Favorite Gifs

1 my favorite gif

2my favorite gif

3My new favorite cat gif


Always my favorite gif