27 Facts Which Actually Are Myths

Myth is actually regarded as a true account of past. They are usually set by priests or the rulers of the state.  The study of Myth is called mythology. We have gone through this fact in our syllabus many times that a person can’t stand on the space as there is no gravity present there. If you view your earth from space then Great Wall of China is visible to you. Although none of us has experienced it as we are unable to view from space but this is a myth. Our grandmother always proposes home remedies and according to her carrot positively affects our vision. This is actually proved to be true but it takes some time. Kids are always warned to avoid watching TV all the time. Eye sight is badly affected due to it; well it is also a myth.  Shaving with a razor on hands and legs can thicken your new grown hairs. Excessive caffeine is not good for health so it is better to avoid so much intake of it. Girls love long hairs but according to a myth the more you cut it the more it grows faster. This can be experienced by every lady on earth. Don’t crackle your fingers otherwise you will suffer after affects of it. Head is that part of the body that releases heat of the body. Stretching is the first step to warm up and get you ready for exercise. Cell phone is considered as one of the biggest reason for cancer and laptop on our lap is also bad for us. These are the myths which are actually precautions for us in using new technologies.

Myths are an actual stories associated with something. Heroes, supernatural beings or humans are the chief characters of myths. People believe so much in these myths that they depends their life fully on it. The stories are related to early history. Some people without going into the facts and figures of anything just believe it. Our forefathers don’t need prove for justification their experience is enough to satisfy them.

Myths (1)

There’s No Gravity in Space.

bubble with chewing gum

If you swallow chewing gum, it

will stay in your stomach for

seven years.

Myths (1)

The Great Wall of Chine In the

only Man-Made structure

Visible from Space.

Myths (2)

Carrots improve your vision.