8 Easy And Healthy Snacks For Kids With ADHD

Kids that have ADHD need foods that are full of fiber and protein so that they can stay calm, focused and also alert. Like all kids in general, those kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder need to be given food that is nutritious which means giving them healthy snacks to munch on too. But you will find that making children who have ADHD eat is a little tougher as medicines they have may reduce appetite and contrarily due their very condition they need more food to keep them going. Feeding them too many sugary foods is not good as this can affect their mood as the sugar levels go up and down. Parents need to plan so that things with regard to the diet are balanced. The thing about children with ADHD is that they need food that has protein to help them in improving learning and memory. So each snack has to the mini version of a meal and combine many nutrients.   Here are some healthy snacks that you can try:

Shakes made with fruits: Since children with ADHD need minerals, fiber and vitamins that you can get from fruits you need to include these in their diet. But children may refuse to eat the fruit as such, so you have to disguise it in the form of a shake that you make with some ice, fresh fruits and non fat greek yoghurt to make the drink full of protein and all the nutrients. You can add some flaxseeds and peanut butter for that extra fiber and protein kick.

Mini Pizzas: Kids love pizza and would be interested in eating them anytime. But most parents will not let them eat it as pizza is not that healthy food. The solution is to make it healthy by making a mini pizza on a whole wheat English Muffin and adding on low fat cheese. The protein will keep the kids going longer before they feel hungry and fibers are good for keeping the blood sugars on an even keel.

2-Mini Pizzas

Pita smeared with Hummus Spread: Hummus is a spread from the middle east that is made of chickpeas ground up, tahini which is made of sesame seeds. You will find that the whole wheat pita with hummus provides so many nutrients that kids with ADHD need. Plus you can throw in some spears made of colorful vegetables to be dipped into the hummus.

3-Pita smeared with Hummus Spread

A peanut butter and banana sandwich: Made of whole wheat bread for fiber, bananas for potassium, vitamins B and C and peanut butter for taste and the proteins, makes this meal a good one.

4-A peanut butter and banana sandwich

Pretzels made of whole wheat: If your kid wants to eat something crisp like potato chips then you can probably persuade him or her to eat whole wheat pretzels or crackers. This is something crunchy without all the salt and fat that you get from chips.

5-Pretzels made of whole wheat

Tasty Dips and Veggie Sticks : The thing is that kids will look in the cupboards and refrigerator for snacks when they are hungry and having fresh and healthy snacks ready will induce them to eat it. So chop sticks of fresh vegetables and leave them in the refrigerator along with some nice dips made up of healthy stuff like cottage cheese, peanut butter and other low calorie stuff.

6-Tasty Dips and Veggie Sticks

Dried Fruits and Nuts: This is a great source of healthy fats, proteins and other nutrients along with fiber for the child. You should stock for especially for your child if he or she has ADHD as it will help him or her keep energy levels up. But do control the portion they eat so that they do not consume too much.


Make snacks that have some nutrients hidden in them: Snacks like carrot cake or sprout patties can be made with less amount of fat while they are also full of nutrients. The thing to be avoided is too much sugar in the child’s diet so that the changes in blood sugar levels do not affect the ADHD symptoms. You can reduce the sugar quantity while baking to do this or use apple sauce instead of fat to make things healthier.

8-snacks that have some nutrients