Crazy and Funny Animals Compilation 12 Funny pills

Animals are men’s best friends .They are adorable and funny and will make you laugh for hours with their witty tricks and comical acts.  The cutest thing about animals is when they curled up taking a nap or sleeping in the bed full of dog food, there is nothing likes it. Hope the little puppy in the picture is watching sweet dreams. Some dogs are very short tempered, if you will leave them alone with the house at their stake, the appearance of the house could be like one shown in the picture. But you can turn the tables other way by placing its favorite food all around it when it is sleeping. Cats are one of the most favorite and popular animals on the internet. But they get offended very easily. You call them fat and they can attack and scratch your face. So next time bewares of such cats they are conscious about their look. Nowadays when humans have became enemy of one another this adorable picture of a cat sitting on a dog is a very cute example of animal’s friendship.  Animals spent a lot of time with us and now they are smarter than us than we think. This cute little puppy is learning the art of acting like humans. Sitting in a baby carry cot with seat belt fasten all around him is a delightful sight. Sometimes people and animals react similarly in certain situations. Bears are always portrayed in the movies to be aggressive. But in the real world they are rarely that aggressive. Bear standing in front of the officer as if he is caught red handed like humans. This is an excellent piece of work by the photographer which has clicked at the perfect time.

A photographer follows the animals throughout the year in getting the trust of animals to get a good photo. A famous quote says ‘the harder you practice the luckier you get’. It ss very true for wild life photography. Many a time’s pictures that are taken coincidently appear funnier than those in which animals are trained to do funny or cool acts.






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