25 Country Laws, Which are Actually Exists

Rules and regulations are very important in our life. Following rules at any place brings discipline and peace. Some laws sound quite amazing. According to Los Angeles, crying in the court stand is strictly prohibited. New York laws are weirder as they garrote a person jumped from a building. Their rules are very strict and no sympathy for a law breaker. An absolutely amazing law of California which says that you can’t give bath to your two kids together. If your husband forgets to wish you on birthday simply take him to Samoa. He will be punished for his sin. You can’t break the traffic rule because it will cost you too much in Finland. Its fine is calculated according to your income. Massachusetts is very strict to bathing. So you can’t dare to skip bathing in this country. In Philippine and Vatican considers divorce as an illegal act. Saudi Arabia doesn’t believe in exposing women. Due to this they have made regulations according to it. Women are not permitted to cast vote and drive cars as well. The ridding of an ugly horse is illegal according to the rule of Wilbur, Washington. Before hunting a mouse you should have a license of it as well. California restricts hunting without a license. Kissing a woman in public is not illegal but a man with mustaches should not dare to do that. It is totally illegal in Iowa. Hand shaking between men and young girls are harshly banned in Swaziland. A woman cannot marry the same man three times in Kentucky. All these country laws are very unique and weird but are set according to the need.

Certain laws are made by the government which has to be followed by citizens. They are very beneficial for them to live a good life. Every country set different rules according to the requirement and condition. Law and order helps the country to progress in every field of life. Very experienced and intelligent people sits together to set the laws of the country which can be very useful to control the issues of the country.

Laws (1)


In Pennsylvania, it’s against the 

law to tie a dollar bill on a string

on the ground and pull it away

when someone tries to pick it


Laws (1)

In Los Angeles courts it is illegal 

to cry on the stand.

Laws (1)

 In New York when a person jumps

off a building it is against the law

and they are sentenced to death.

Laws (2)

In 29 states in the Us it is legal to

fire someone for being gay.