Sometimes, Cats are Just Weird (20 Misleading Pictures)

Fatty, fluffy, softy, naughty cats are mostly the pets of our homes. Cats are so adorable and friendly that kids love to play with it. Cats also enjoy the company of children around them and try to imitate them so beautifully that everyone is amazed. They find their own comfortable zones by hiding themselves in a pair of trousers, shirts or select one of the most comfy sofa or below some table for relaxation. Watching TV is their favorite pass time but watch it while relaxing on some chair or carpet. They never compromise on sleeping on floors, roofs or hard surfaces, they are very clever to get inside a warm bed and enjoy their dreams on a soft pillow or cushion. Cats really love to do fashion. They enjoy a lot wearing good dresses, jewelries and feel like queens. Not only that care takers brush their hairs and make very innovative hair styles, clips and pony tails. Piercing on cat’s body part is a weird fashion but has become trend so that they look so stylish and trendy too. If you feel it hard finding her, then don’t worry it will be near to some gadgets, Laptops or Music system. Due to their own weird but funny acts sometimes brings them to trouble and they are trapped in a box. They are so clever in finding their food by just licking it and after that it’s for them only, as no one can eat it. During their show time they are so energetic that they climb on the back of kids and walking by their two legs is incredible.

It is fact that cats are very unpredictable and their behavior is so unusual that people around them are shocked. They have a spring inside them, as they quickly jump up and down. It’s sometimes strange to find them in a cabinet, drawer or behind a curtain. They can be found anywhere in your home as they are so confident to walk and fast to change places. Use your belongings so nicely, that at once looking at them smile comes to your face and you grab it and start playing with it. Cat’s Joyous acts and performances are remarkable.

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