8 Best Free WordPress Themes Of 2013

All the websites that are present on the web, approximately 34 percent utilize a content management system (CMS). From 34 percent, half use WordPress, 58.5 % to be absolute. WordPress has eased the use of the supporting developers which has taken it to the top of the industry. Other CMS like Drupal and Joomla have lost a very high ratio of the current market share as WordPress becomes more popular. In the following article we have discussed the 10 best themes of wordpress in this calendar year of 2013. It is disappointing that free wordpress themes usually have the lack of quality constraints.


Best Free WordPress Themes Of 2013

ZALIVEZAlive is feature-packed and a fully responsive theme that’s very multipurpose and versatile. The main theme colors are black and green; however, those can be reengineered with the use of CSS. Some of the important features are slider and built-in advertisement positions.



CUSTOMIZRThis is a very distinctive Word Press theme unlike you have experienced the ones which are free. It enables you to allow you to customize your website looks with layouts, sliders and homepage and much more. Customizr was built by using Twitter Bootstrap so there are no options when customization comes into mind.



CORPOCorpo looks like a corporate theme, and by guessing this you would be right! It is a simple, clean and professional theme. There is a slider on the homepage, custom widgets, and menu locations of two. It is a flat design theme.



ATTITUDE: Attitude is a simple and professional free wordpress theme. It is retina-ready which means that it is good on high resolution devices such as tablets and smart phones. This enables us to customizing whatever we want and you would never get bored in doing so for sure.



MULTIPURPOSE: Multipurpose is a theme which reflects the meaning of its name and does justice. It’s a multi-purpose theme that can be used in many different websites but it is a great fit for the web portals required in the corporate organizations. This theme was built on the framework of Twitter Bootstrap.



MESOCOLUMNMesocolumn is a magazine theme and you would very much amaze to know that this theme style is actually free for you. It is built on coding standards that are latest which uses HTML5 and CSS3. It supports Buddy Press, woo commerce and BBPress. It gives you the privilege to color-code categories and to use 600 web fonts or more from Google.



ZEE DYNAMICZee Dynamic is a theme that is responsive and is also a magazine-style theme that portrays its emphasis on imagery of an article. If your website is depicting its story initially through imagery, then it is the perfect occasion to give a try to zee Dynamic. It was coded to look good on all screen sizes.



SUEVA FREESueva is a free wordpress theme that is responsive similar to that as Pinterest. A new era of tiles has become a popular and a talking point in the field of web designing because it also organizes the content. It can be used for multiple purposes, but the best fit would be a blog website.



CONCLUSION: By knowing and looking at the features and the best themes, one should thank the wordpress to help us explore these fascinating themes for free. If we had to pay for them then it would be costly because of the quality it brings in front of us. If you love any themes and you want to use it for any commercial purposes, than I would suggest you to pick number eight.