25 So Beautiful Nature Gifs

The world is full of beautiful sceneries that cannot be left without appreciation. Animals are good posers and make adorable faces. A monkey enjoys a lot playing in heavy rain. They feel pleasure swimming in the water and get excited when rain drops fall on them. Monkeys are very mischievous and it is pleasure to watch them. Colorful birds look so sweet sucking from flowers. It is superb to see different colors of birds sitting on multi color flowers. A wonderful photography can be seen in which a bee is trying to fly sitting on a leaf. The droplets on leaf display a marvelous picture of nature. A picture of a lightening is very nicely captured. An eagle at its full flight move freely here and there on sky which is also a gift of nature to birds. On the other hand tortoise has a talent to swims under water with no difficulties. Deer’s jump very high and are high-speed in running that it is nearly impossible to catch them. Similarly tigers are much faster than deer and so deer loose this race. Cheetah looks very terrifying when it shouts and his mouth is wide open. Garden lizard changes its color very efficiently just to fool others. An excellent clip is recorded in which a lizard very smoothly dives in water and start swimming. The color of a lady bird is very appealing and that tiny insect is busy with its activities. Unique and colorful type of flowers attracts us more towards the beauty of nature. Water fall in between mountains is magnificent. This greenery looks awesome and this scenery is much eyed freshening.
God has blessed us with a treasure that has unending list of precious gifts in it. The beautiful views, animals, rain fall, blue sky and under water life touches our heart and soul and thus brings us near to nature. These blessings are a great source of inspiration to us in different fields of life. Animals are innocent and adorable as they play an important part to make this world more beautiful and lovable.

Following are the 25 So Beautiful Nature Gifs

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