Someone Just Wanted a Hug! (25 Cute Pictures to Make You Smile)

No human in this world can live without love and care. There are many ways to show affection towards another person. Not only human need such love and care from each another but also animals feel the need of it. Humans are so much attached to their pets that they are very concerned about their food, happiness and sadness. One of the gestures to show love towards another one is crossing a hand across a neck called a hug. It is very common that a person hug to another person in happiness or in grief to give strength but it’s quite funny when animals do the same. It simply shows that animals are not emotionless and they can understand each other’s feeling. Cute kitties look funny hugging each other but it’s quite interesting to see two big enemies like cat and dog hugging each other. We are not the only one attached to our parents but cubs are also very endearing to tiger. Women got so emotionally attached to pets that even they neglect their lovers. They use to talk, clean and hug them as they got emotionally involved. It is quite unbelievable to see dangerous pets so much pampered and loved by humans that we are doubted on their mental condition. Hug even melts the heart of lion that is considered as a king of jungle. It is shocking when a care taker hold close such a huge animal in happiness like hugging a child.

Animals imitate humans so nicely that they close their eyes while hugging; this shows how they are deeply involved. When a dog hugs another dog it looks that they are sharing their problems but when a goat hug a dog then it’s pretty surprising. Sometimes hug plays a very powerful role than anything else to share pain. A single hug says a lot then there is no need for words left. Sensible people believe to hug and end up any fight rather than wasting time in clarification. A hug gives power to a heart broken person and helps make a new start.

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