Animals Knows How to Survive with Humans (30 Funny Pics)

Every person needs companion to share ideas, thoughts and have fun. Doing anything alone do not gives that much pleasure as sharing with friends. It is not necessary that human’s best friend can be a human only. Sometimes animals are friendlier than humans. Animals are very entertaining and fun to be with. Pets enjoy using all your personal stuff and sometimes destroy them too. But their sweet and innocent look helps you forget it very easily. They imitate humans so nicely that it bring smile to your face. Cats are very impressive at expressions. They wide open their eyes at surprises like humans. Latest technology gadgets are no more difficult to understand for animals. Cat finds it very easy to use different apps of a mobile phone. Cats are good posers in front of camera but are very interested to take pictures too. Just say cheese and then see the various styles of cats. Puppy loves to swim but this pool is too small. Not only humans are diet conscious but animals are too. Dog also wants to look slim and attractive but it need time to follow the diet plan. Kids are very choosy when it comes to food. No compromise on food is the slogan of all kids. So do cats!! They can eat the full cat food with bag when they are hungry. Cats are very clever they keep an eye on your food too. Once you left the chair your bowl is empty.

People loves to spend time together so why not in the bathroom too. Mothers are very intelligent as they relate all good habits of kids to themselves and off course fathers are never perfect. Since childhood bubble wrap is always very interesting. People spend their time in bursting these bubble wrap and enjoy a lot. Another tremendous early day’s game was a rock, scissor and paper.

Animals copy humans very brilliantly. Some times their sweet and cute expressions says it all. Dogs try to follow boys while cats usually follow girls. Don’t forget that animals can do anything and astonish the people around them. They are craziest creature on earth but undoubtedly the most sincere of all too.






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