27 Amazing Sports Facts,Every Spostsmen To Know

To be fit and healthy it is compulsory to play various sports. There are some very fascinating and amazing sports facts. Uniformity in the dress is required not only to the players but also to umpires. Even it is necessary for all umpires to have black under wears in case of malfunctioning of pants occur. MLB baseball is useful for only five to seven pitches and then it is useless. The first baseball stadium that have roof over it was the Houston Astrodome. It is unbelievable that there are 108 stitches in a baseball ball and only 65 to 70 stitches in a cricket ball. It was hard for the viewers to see a ball in tennis game on TV cameras. So for the first time yellow ball was introduced at Wimbledon in 1986. Most interesting fact about Tennis is that their Racket string is made of various animals intestines of various animals. The sport that has a maximum number of contestants is in a fishing game. One of the most dangerous and dreadful sport is boxing. It became a legal game in 1901 before that it was not legally authorized. It is quite surprising to know that the first Olympic race was won by a chef named Corubus. The fax machine was invented by Rocky Marciano, a very renowned boxer of his time. Olympic, which is one of the biggest event of sports, was first time held at Athens, Greece. At that time only men were the participants and none of the women took an active part in it.

If you are seeking for some outstanding sports facts related to the history of sports or astonishing news about it then no need to go through various books, it is just a click away from you. Before being a sports person it is essential to have certain knowledge about their favorite sport. Sports lovers try to get information from magazines, internet or watch sports program to know more and more about the incredible facts. Some unknown details about the play ground, sportsperson and sports goods are very interesting information to know by the fans and followers.


Major League Baseball umpires

are required to wear black

underwear while on the job in

case they split their pants.


The referee tossed a jump ball

after every basket in basketball

until 1937.


The average life span of an MLB

baseball is five to seven pitches.


Jordan wore the #12 at Orlando

because somebody stole his