9 Very Intriguing Ways The Earth Is Changing Slowly

Weight gain: Our planet is always gaining weight and that too not from the object being produced by us but from debris from the outer space as scientists are starting to find that there is a lot of asteroids that only miss us by a narrow margin. World facts and figures shows that apparently earth gains a lot of weight on an annual basis.

11-Weight gain

Stars: Anyone who looks up in the sky after dark may assume that the stars are pretty much the same and sometimes living in the city we cannot even see the stars. But what seems fixed to us is something that is moving around at unimaginable speeds. And this means that the constellation of stars that we see was not how the beings on earth that are no more saw it.


The distance to the moon or the length of the day: Many of us rush around wishing that we had more hours in a day than we do now to do so many things. It is possible that some time in the days to come this could happen. This will happen due to the rotation of the earth slowing down due to the tidal pull of the moon. But for even one hour to go up may take millions of years.

13-The distance to the moon

Earth erstwhile snowball? We have been told that it is due to the optimal distance that we maintain from the sun are we neither frozen or burnt to a crisp. But while this is correct it is not as straightforward as all that. Almost a 650-850 million years ago earth had ice on the equator and since this happened only about 200 million years ago, it could happen again.

18-Earth erstwhile snowball

The sun not as powerful: Sun is one object in space that fascinates us and not much is known about it. The mystery of why the corona is hotter than the surface, the mystery of why earth remained at the same temperature over years and many such things. But the one thing that scientists seem to agree on is that the sun was less bright earlier on.


Magnetic field of earth to flip: First of all you need to know that the magnetic field is very vital as it defends us from high energy particles but you should also know that the magnetic field strength has come down by around 10 to 15% in the last 1.5 centuries. Magnetic field is prone to changes and this means the possibility of flipping is always there but then this does not mean that much danger to us.

15-Magnetic field of earth to flip

Changes in Sahara desert: Almost 7300 to 10500 years back this huge desert was a lush rain forest and it seems logical considering that the Sahara is on the same latitude as a large portion of the rain forests in the world. Plus there is evidence in the form of fossils to support this. It looks like Sahara was different before and again after the period in between had made it lush was due to the Ice Age.

15-Sahara desert

Colorado caused an explosion to earth 27 million years back: Earth does have a history of exploding and this has happened many times during the past. The worst of these known eruptions actually happened in Colorado some millions of years ago. Many years into the past, after the dinosaurs had spawned and before Egyptians came into being the ground here started going up to form a weird mountain. There was a lot of activity in this area in terms of geology and biology and then one fine day a huge explosion took place. This messed up the climate of the earth for more than 100 years.


Purple plant type beings? Actually as per logic plants should have been black as it is the color that can take in the most light and this can be utilized for photosynthesis. But due to earlier organisms showed of red and blue light which combined to make purple but these were later outed by bacteria that reflected green.

19-Purple plant type beings

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