26 Shower Thoughts Without Any Sense

A very deep observation is behind our 5 senses to express our feelings towards another person. But two senses sound absolutely weird to express our emotions for others. When a person is on waiting or has free time then different thoughts enter our mind. These thoughts are sometimes very useless and meaningless in real life but it takes us to a deep imagination and to a completely new world. When we constantly stare at something a new improvisation occurs. Fatty people feel pleasure in looking at food related things only. Gazing on a word “Eat” gives them an idea to take a lower bite of letter “E” that makes a word “Fat”. Similarly “Neil A.” who is famous for stepping first on the moon has a funny element behind his name. Funny fact is that, spelling this backward it becomes “Alien” and he is certainly exclusive in this earth for his work which makes him alien on earth. Men usually adopt one out of the two ways to look stylish. Either shirt is inside pant or shirt is at outer side of pant. Looking at toilet for a funny thought comes to our mind that this place is only use for disposing then if we throw our food directly in the toilet then we can skipping our effort of eating and then disposing. In this technology world, where we take a minute to type a message, then various shortcut keys plays a vital role for that efficiency. Going through a board of Google suddenly remind us for its shortcut key. It is quite true when we observe our daily life activities that most of the work is done by our pitiable one hand only and other one just relax. While sitting in a lobby and watching an elevator of a tall building a compulsive thought strikes our mind that a penthouse would be worthless if there is no invention of an elevator.

A worthless and insignificant thought keep us busy for long time and successfully waste our precious time very easily. While examining something very intensely brings innovative and distinct ideas in our vacant mind. We start concentrating on it for long in order to reach to some mentally satisfying conclusion.

Shower Thoughts Without Any Sense

shower thoughts (1)

The harshest punishment for a 

suicide attempt is a life sentence.

shower thoughts (1)

Neil Armstrong [Neil A} is “alien”

spelt backwards.

shower thoughts (1)

If dirty jokes are known as adult

jokes, why are you called

immature if you laugh at them?

shower thoughts (2)

You should be able to text 911 if

you’re in a situation where it’s

dangerous to make noise.

shower thoughts (2)

The word “Fat” just looks like

someone took a bite out of the

first letter of the world “Eat”.