Gets me Every Time (25 Not So Cool Situations)

In our life we all face different Situations sometimes we are willing to do something else but it leads to an absolutely disaster. It is not necessary that the circumstances always go in our favor and so we become very disappointed by its result. The most common situation is that mom gives us the food which looks very tempting and mouth watering but we realize while eating it that it contains lot of those ingredients to which we hate most. Mom cheats a lot to give her child a healthy and full of nutritious food but it is absolutely YUKH!!  A person hilarious and funny joke to grab every ones attention finally remains no more funny as a person get badly injured by his sick performance. How can a dog be a “Sexual Predator”? Well it is a stupid mistake of TV program caster. It is quite an embarrassment for even a dog to have such blame on it. Animals lover touch them to show their affection towards them. But animals are also moody and they can injure the visitors. At times ostrich can be unbelievably wild. Siblings enjoy playing risky games. But brother become so over excited and by blunder hit his sister very hard. So at last innocent sister have to suffer such consequences. Dogs perform weirdly and feel pleasure walking on water. A care taker is irritated by its stubborn attitude and fails to motivate it. An adorable Kid finds it really difficult to get a spoon out of his mouth and keep on trying. In a chips packet a family is running to show that it is family product but for customers it seems that a son is trying to run away from his father. At the end the concept changes to a totally new one which is not favorable.

After adjusting a camera perfectly to get a fantastic picture but due to some reason it ruins completely.  A person expecting a clap receives a slap for his idiotic work. Misunderstanding leads to confusion and that results in lot of trouble. Everything doesn’t happen exactly the way we want. Luck plays a very important role in all aspects of our life.

Following are the 25 Not So Cool Situations

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