What 200 Calories Would Actually Look Like

Following are the eight foods which contains 200 calories each:


French fries of 3 grams from Jack in the Box are equal to a figure of 200 calories. As we know that it is good if we have French fries on an occasional basis because it is not good for one’s health but the question is how much? French fries are enriched with fats of very high level i.e. saturated fats. French fries contain sodium as well that is harmful for your heart.

French Fries


There are very few whoeat their vegetables, but just forming conclusion by looking at the picture, which denotes that Mom is right all the time! Broccoli has low calories, but enriched with nutrients which are vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, fiber and calcium. But by having 588 grams of broccoli it would sum to be 200 calories to be precise.



You might probably think that if nuts can be so good for yourself, then why we consume it on a low scale? Though having only 33 grams of trail mix is equal to 200 calories, so it is where we can get iron and calcium. But it also contains fats of very high quantities same as French fries, which increases your cholesterol levels. So keep in mind that a handful of trail mix is the most you can eat to make yourself satisfied.

 trail mix


Smoked turkey ham of 204 grams is equal to 200 calories which means Turkey ham can be a nice thing to get protein and iron from; however it also has saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. From every processed meat, turkey is healthiest, so like other foods, you should have it in moderation.

Smoked turkey ham


A 66 grams portion of sausages is equal to 200 calories. Whether you have a BBQ of it or have it in a shape of a hot dog. Since sausages are very popular everywhere but it also contains carbohydrates, fiber and fat, so are good to eat in moderation or with fresh vegetables! Remember this next time you need a snack after your drink.



Just having a small amount of proportion let’s say 34 grams of peanut butter is equal to 200 calories. Looks like you need to have a loose hand in the spread. It is very important to mention that peanut butter is immensely high in calories; this is not necessarily very worse because he does not damage your health. It is packed with cholesterol-regulating and vitamin E, saturated fats, and apparently has the quality to slow down the level of LDL cholesterol while it maintains a good level of HDL cholesterol.

Peanut butter


Italians are not only the one who are the initiators and who love their pasta all over; everyone seems to Adour this type of staple food! Pasta of 145 grams of proportion is equal to 200 calories, and that is why a bowl full of spaghetti and pasta always keeps you tummy feel filled all the time of 3 to 4 hours. Pasta is low in fat and because it is a grain-based food. The diet of fiber in pasta helps you to keep the bowels to enhance them to function properly.



57 grams of having mini carrots is just equivalent to 200 calories. That’s almost 2 plates entirely.  Like all green vegetables, carrots are fantastic to your overall physical health system. They contain vitamin A, beta-carotenes, anti-oxidants and minerals in large accessibility so they’re tasty and beneficial to your body. They also consists of no fats that are enhances  cholesterol.

Mini Carrots