15 Interesting Facts About Cats

A cat is an animal defined as a carnivorous and domestic mammal. Every cat has multiple features that usually differ from breed to breed, but the similar things in them are that they all have retractable claws, soft furs and they also have short snouts and they are also very well know for the abilities of hunting they possess.

Cats are traditionally known that they were from the time of the ancient Egypt where they were treated as the domesticated animals. This emerged into the scene when paintings of the different cats were found in the Egyptian cultural paintings. It was there for 3,500 years. In the year 2004, a grave was extracted in the city “Cyprus” where they found the skeleton that was lying with the skeleton of the human. It was later identified as a skeleton of a cat. Scientists then estimated that both the cats and the human were with each other from approximately 9,500 years. Here are 15 interesting facts about cats that are as under:

Turkish cat

Cats are the animals that are very much renowned for their sleeping.they spend 70% of their ratio day in sleeping; this means that if a cat is 9 years old then it would have been only wakening up for 3 years. it only utilizes 30% of her life-time groom.

Sleeping Cat


Cats don’t have a tooth that is sweet like we humans because of the mutation carrying in their taste by them.

cat tooth