10 World’s Dreadful Sinkholes that are Heart Shaking

A massive opening in the ground or underwater is called a sinkhole. There are many sinkholes on earth that occur in just the blink of an eye or take several years. People are amazed to see such a big hole in the middle of the city. This can be only understood by some engineering and scientific terms. Lay man finds it absolutely shocking viewing at sinkholes. Big buildings and cars gets collapsed due to the sinkhole. There are 10 most amazing and dreadful sinkholes from all around the world that are heart shaking.

Great Blue Hole:

Off the coast of Belize there is a huge underwater sinkhole called Great Blue Hole. It lies in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef. The depth of this circular sinkhole is found to be 124 meters and 300 meters across.1

Heavenly Pit:

This amazing sinkhole is located at China. Heavenly Pit is a sinkhole which is double nested and not formed overnight. It took nearly 128,000 years to grow up to this extend. It is now 662 meters in depth.2

Dean’s Blue hole:

This is an underwater sinkhole which is the world’s deepest one. It has a roughly circular shape. In a Dean’s blue hole there is a free diving world record by William Trubridge. It is located near the Bahamas.3

Guatemala City Sinkholes:

Guatemala City is the city of Central America which has various scary and dreadful sinkholes. It is perfectly circle in shape. The reasons of sinkholes in this city were recorded as due to corroded sewage system or continuous rain.


Devil’s Hole:

Devil hole is a sinkhole located at Hawthorne, Florida. It is also called The Devil’s Toilet Bowl. Tourist found this hole and uses it to swim. It is a small lake and a full time fun place for visitors.