10 Worlds Best Theme Based Restaurants and Cafes

In order to enjoy the evening, lunch or dinner people use to visit various restaurants and cafes. This is a place where we enjoy treating each other, partying, and meeting spot and enjoy delicious dinner. Now trend of going to restaurants are increasing day by day. Due to this the number of restaurants has also increased incredibly. You can find many restaurants and cafes near to your home. For this theme is a new trend in cafes as well as restaurants. This is a nice way to attract gentry and pull them towards their spot.

Barbie Doll House Theme:



This cafe is very girlish and most attractive to girls. Everything here is pink to give a Barbie doll house look. Cutely furnished and nicely decorated. Seat covers are pink and even the hanged pictures are of Barbie. This is an ideal place for girls and kids loves to visit many times.

Vampire Theme:



Vampire Cafe is extremely scary idea to appeal youngsters. People with weak heart should avoid visiting such places. You can see blood shredded everywhere and coffins as a decoration piece at this café. Dim light is quite threatening and the environment is very terrifying. All you have to do is to hold your breath because anything can happen to you. This is located in Japan and it is damn nasty.

Cats and Dogs Theme:



Dogs and Cats cafes have a theme which is mostly liked by pet’s lovers. There are so many types of cats here that it will give you full entertainment. Innocent and furry cats are naughty at times and you can enjoy tea or coffee with their activities going on in the café. You can find this amazing restaurant at South Korea.