10 Unique Flowers From All Around The World

Without flowers this world will be very ugly and unattractive. Various colors and their combinations make them special and exclusive. The design patterns on the flowers are extremely superb. Unique flowers are the blessings of nature. Giving flowers is the best gesture to express your feeling towards another. But their very distinct appearance makes it more appealing. Smell gives a refreshing effect. Here you will see all the amazing and unique flowers from all around the world.

Bleeding Heart:

Bleeding heart is a flower that has a very unique name and distinct in appearance too. This blooming flower has a shape of a heart. They are good for the people who had broken heart. Bleeding heart flower gives the lesson of giving freedom to Love. It is a poisonous flower.Bleeding Heart

Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate:

Kiss me over the garden gate is a flower that requires lot of sunlight to grow. This flower can grow very tall. A large chain of this flower hanging from the stems looks spectacular on your garden. This flower can be 12 or more feet long and can self seed in garden too.2

Stinking Corpse Lily:

Stinking Corpse Lily is a flower which look ugly in appearance but very unique. It has a ridiculous smell just like a decaying flesh. This is considered as one of the world’s largest flower. This flower grows up in rain forest.3

Clitoria Ternatea:

Clitorea Ternatea is a flower also commonly known as butterfly-pea or blue-pea or cordofan-pea. It is unusual shaped purple flower and highlights of soft yellow color. In coal mines of Australia you can find this flower growing with little care only.4

Toad Lily:

Toad Lily is a flower that belongs to Liliaceous family. This flower requires sunlight as well as shadow for its growth. Its look quite weird in appearance as it has white petals with purple spots on it.5