10 Favorite Toys For Your Kids From The History

Kids are always fond of toys, they always force parents to buy there favorite toys. The lust to get a new toy every time never ended. Whenever they go with parents for shopping, they definitely buy one toy at least no matter how much they already have at their home. Some toys are very attractive and kids keep on gathering them. Boys like some other categories of toys while girl’s cute collection is entirely different. Their mission is to get more and more amazing toys. We gather some images and information of 10 favorite toys from the history which kids love to play.

  1. 1.       Barbie Doll:

The most desirable toy for girl is a Barbie Doll. A German Doll named Bild Lill is a source of inspiration of a Barbie Doll. Barbie Doll has so many accessories available and girls love to gather them. Clothes, jewelry, furniture and lots of more things of this doll attracts girl a lot.1

  1. 2.       Army Force:

You will find force toys in every boy’s room. Boys like to play fighting games so it is their first choice. A large variety of Army Toys are available with different weapons. Although this game was famous in 1960’s but still very common.2

  1. 3.       Hot Wheels:

Hot wheels are a toy introduced in 1968. This was a toy especially designed for children. This car is very speedy and looks stylish. That’s why boys found it so attractive.3

  1. 4.       Lego – A Brick Game:

This brick game has initially black and white blocks only. But later in 1958, Lego has added various colors to the blocks. This is a nice toy for kids and helps them learn interlocking.4

  1. 5.       Yo-Yo:

The Yo-Yo is also called as “Wonder Toy” because it has a huge demand. In 1928, Yo-Yo toy was introduced among children and it soon became kid’s favorite toy.5

  1. 6.       Frisbee:

In 1964, Frisbee was a toy which was highly liked among children. The stability in Frisbee’s flight was done in 1967 and then Frisbee was found in the hands of every kid at beaches or gardens.6

  1. 7.       Match Box Cars:

Match Box Cars were introduced and marketed in 1953. This toy became a big hit of its time and even today. Boys got crazy collecting these cars and do racing.7

  1. 8.       Super Soaker:

Super Soaker is basically a water gun that can fire water. When kids are gathered together this naughty game is definitely played and other kids use to hide themselves.8

  1. 9.       Teddy Bear:

Teddy Bear is a cute toy which you can be found in every shelf of children’s room. This Teddy Ruxpin was awarded in 1985 due to its huge popularity among kids. It can tell you stories and move eyes as well.9

  1. 10.   Rubik’s Cube:

Rubik’s Cube is commonly called Magic Cube. It has been named after its inventor. In this puzzle you need to use your brain. Perfect combination of colors is the requirement of this game which is little difficult.10