The 10 Best Places to Visit in the USA


is one of the beautiful country in our world. It has most lovely and amazing cities like Seattle with forest, lakes and ocean, New York etc.

Travelers and Photographers are dying to see beautiful places on earth. They want to travel historical and beautiful places to see amazing world architecture.

There is no need for citizens of USA to travel 12 hours to go to London or Paris to spent holidays. There are so many beautiful places in USA; here is the list of 10 best places which are recommended to visit.

1.     New York City, New York

New York City is the city which never sleeps. It is difficult to mention all the amazing place located in New York, but some of them are Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, and of course, Times Square. The beauty of city takes it at the top of our list.

New york City

2. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon located in Arizona is the greatest natural monument in the world.  It gives an amazing view of Colorado River. In Grand Canyon hiking tour and rafting is available for tourist. A visitor can take helicopter tour to enjoy the amazing of Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Arizona

3. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the top holiday destinations. Hawaii is not only famous for the ocean and beaches but the culture with beautiful traditions, cuisine and customs.  A visitor can enjoy entertainment and cultural activities or walk hundreds of trials of through Hawaii Park.


4. Yellowstone, Wyoming

Yellowstone national park counted as the first national park in USA. It is worldwide famous for being the home for some greatest geysers. Visitors love the ecosystem and the beauty it gives to them. Many lovers want to go that peaceful place for spending time together alone.

Yellowstone Wyoming

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

A person definitely wants to visit Las Vegas once in his life. It is the most famous city of USA. Life in Las Vegas is so amazing; neither of any people gets bored because this city never sleeps. There is no special time for entertainment is LV, people go to the market and enjoy themselves at midnights. The city is known for gambling, shopping and nightlife activities. You will call this city as the entertainment capital of world after visiting just once.

Las Vegas


6. New Orleans, Louisiana

In New Orleans, at first one must visit French Quarter. It has many historic buildings and called as national landmark. One should visit the Bourbon if he loves to enjoy the nightlife of the city. The streets are famous in French Quarter for bars and clubs. Many visitors love to go place like New Orleans because of the fun, entertainment and beautiful view.

New Orleans, Louisiana

7. Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls is most amazing waterfall in New York, USA. It is located at the border of Canada and USA. It has the spectacular view that attracts people so much.  At night, it has most lovely view during summers. This is the perfect place for lovers to enjoy their vacations and have fun. This waterfall is the inspiration sign for directors and artist who shoot their scenes near this waterfall to attract the audience.

Niagara Falls New York

8. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park is one of the historical places in USA. It gives an opportunity to focus on ruins of villages of Puebloan People and thousands of archaeological sites. These ruins are very famous in the country.  UNESCO listed this park as World Heritage Site.

Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

9. Los Angles

Los Angles is 2nd in our list. It is known as the capital of movie industry. One of the famous places in LA is a boulevard named as Walk of Fame, with over 2400 stars embedded in side walk. Each of them played important role in entertainment i.e. artist, actor or a musician. There is a very strong chance of seeing your favorite celebrity, because many of them have their homes in LA. Los Angles is basically known for the entertainment.

LA City

10. Washington DC

The list would be incomplete if we do not mention the capital of USA in the list. The Govt. of USA made this city beautiful because it represents them in front of other countries. The building are very well architect and designed properly. It has many wonderful places like Washington monument, the Lincoln monument and the Whitehouse.

Washington Dc